Monday, July 19, 2010

17 more days in counting!

Hi everyone!Happy Monday :D Well I'm getting really antsy because in seventeen days I'll be out of here! For five days I'm going to be on the family yacht. One of my father's best purchases. I remember spending weeks on it when I was little. I haven't been on since I was 13 (things always came up). So it's going to be really fun. Anyway, I think I'm going to wear some more purple today. Okay I`ve been meaning to say this but I keep forgetting, Blair and Elle Fowler are the best makeup people ever! Here`s a link to their channel on Youtube:

They both have Twitters (the links are on their channels) and I followed Blair on her blog but I`m not sure if Elle does if she does I`m going to follow hert aswell. So comment and subscribe on their Youtube channel and follow them on Twitter and Blogger. Know , I know I had something to say but I do not remember what :( So I am going to go now! Bye!
I just thought this was soo cute! Okay bye!

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