Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bad hair day, Book Review and Wedding, oh my!

Hi everyone! I'm having a bad hair day :( So I'm going to wash my hair later and pray that it helps. Pray with me if you like :D Also two little notes : 1. I know the title has been done over and over again but, oh well! 2. The time that says this blog was posted is wrong :( I don't really know how to fix it so pay no attention to it. So this morning I just finished reading Revalations:

and guys, it was great! This was from the Blue Bloods series, obviously vampires. In this series are fallen angels who have done wrong and were sent to live their entire life there. They age like humans (Red Bloods) and die but come back as another Blue Blood. Some angels(Gabrielle, Michael, Serphaiel) were chosen to come to earth to watch over the fallen angels.Some turned from Lucifer and joined the other angels into the light even if they were meant for the darkness. *Cough* *Cough* Abbadon, Azreal. The angels of Destruction and Death. I like to think of them as the destruction twins. But in this life time, their known as Mimi and Jack Force , bonded twins. They're supposed to spend every life time together but one little Half Blood, Schuyler Van Allen changes it all. She falls in love with Jack , wich makes Mimi (my favorite character) not to happy. Then, Schuyler must choose between Jack, the one she loves or her bestfriend and Conduit (humans who serve and protect Blue Bloods) Oliver Hazard-Perry. Meanwhile Bliss Llewellyn is having terrible hallucinations, ones that no regular Blue Bloods going threw the Transformation go threw. On top of all of that the Blue Bloods discover that the only thing that can kill them has come back and ready to free the second-in command (other prince of darkness) , Leviathan. Love, Lust and Danger.I rate this book:

Perfect for any day of the year. In other buisness, I'm going to be spending the evening with my cousins , instead of attending the wedding I was invited to. I'm not going because I know no one but the groom at this wedding. I never thought he would get married. No really. I have no idea if I'm going shopping today or if I'm going to spend the day at home. Well anyway, I'm going to and shower now because my hair is looking ugly :( Bye!

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