Monday, July 26, 2010

A bit of history

Hi everyone! I always thought I had such a quiet apartment building. Boy was I wrong. The couple on my floor were arguing so loudly I think the floor below us could have heard. I'm surprised no one complained. Note : It was 6:35 in the morning! I think I heard the new guy banging on the wall to shut them up though. I would never do that. Thankfully, they stopped and I fell back asleep, only to be awaken by the garabage truck. Not my morning. Okay, let's get positive again :) I'm having an ancient Egypt phase. A while back ,I read Nefertiti, The Herectic Queen and Cleopatra's Daughter. They were all amazing! But my favorite was Nefertiti. I seriously cried when I finished it :P

So I decided to look more into Nefertiti and her family. After I did her parents and sister, Mutnodjmet (Mutny) , I looked up her daughters. There wasn't much on them well except for Meritaten and King Tut's wife/ half sister (her name is too long ) :( There was a little on her second daughter, Mekeaten. While I was reading the book, everytime she got pregnant I was like' it's gonna be a boy' but it was always a girl. I think her first daughter is the prettiest when I saw her bust:

I really think she's pretty. I know this is not usually what I do on this blog but I just found her so pretty. Well I'm gonna go bye!

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