Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fashion Spotlight

Hi everyone! Ok so I know the title is a little eight year oldish but I couldn't think of anything else do to my lazyness :P If you guys can think of a better title for the Wednesday post let me know. Every Wednesday I will be featuring four items that I am obsessed with and would probably kill for (shifty eyes) and rate them based on how obsessed with them I am. So here we go:

1. As you may know, I am currently obsessed with Kate Spade totes and this is the one I want to buy. It's 225$ and in the Kate Spade fund: -50$ Not kidding you'll find out in the next item why it's negative fifty. I rate this bag:

2. Well I want these for the winter and I only needed fifty more dollars so I sort of dipped into the Kate Spade tote fund :( I'm gonna go buy them when we leave. I love them !! So cutee and so me! I rate these earmuffs:

3. Well these are Christian Louboutin ankle boots I found when I was surfing Saks. I probably will never own these shoes :'( And I just love these shoes. I rate these shoes:

4. Once again I found this..... actually I don't remember were but I loved it! This is a Diane Von Furstenburg dress that I really love but not willing to kill for it so I rate it:

That's it for today. Let me know what you what you would rate these items or make a blog post with your own four picks but makesure to comment me the link because I really would love to see your Wednesday picks! Don't forget if you could think of a better title let me know! Bye!


Thank you soo much for stopping by! xoxoxo -Cupcakegirl