Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hi everyone! I would like to start off this post by giving a shoutout to Ashley for finishing her 50 book challenge. Well once again my cousin is going to leave Juicy in my care so I was thinking of putting her in her carrier (you know the one that looks like a purse) and bring her out or something. She looks a little like this:

Yesterday I brought her to the doggie park (as you can see I doggie sit alot! My cousin's always working ) and because we don't wanna tug at her neck we use a harness instead of a leash and she bites on it sometimes. This time at the park their were only five dogs and Juicy. I was the only girl their. And the guys.... let's just say pretty cute and Juicy began to bite on her harness so I began to run with her and she followed except when I turned around I was running around with a dog free harness and Juicy was running around the park freely. The fence to go in and out was opened. The five guys just stood watching in amusement. 'Close the fence!' I skrieched as I ran after Juicy. One of them did it and I began to run in circles after Juicy. Then Juicy ran the perimiter of the park one guy came running next to me. 'You look like you could you could use some help' He said between breaths. 'You couldn't have figured that out minutes ago!' I said. He only laughed and snatched Juicy. Tne other guys began to clap. He gave me Juicy and I cuddled her close to my chest. I let out a sigh of relief. 'Thanks.' I smiled. 'Juicy give kiss' I put her infront of his face and she licked him. I waved to the rest of them and walked out of park. 'What I don't get a kiss!?' One asked when I left. I laughed and drove off. That was the most I've ran since high school gym class. I can't wait to go back to the park. I hope my cousin isn't reading this because if she is then she'll find out why Juicy was so thirsty when we got back to her house. if you have a dog, have you ever let go of their leash? Comment below and tell me what happened. Well I gotta go plot tomorrow's Weekend color. I'm thinking blue? Any suggestions? Let me knowq bye!

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