Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hi everyone ! I'm having another bad hair day :( It only looks nice if its on the side so I'm keeping it on the side. I didn't go shopping yesterday because I had to pick alot of things and had to hurry to my cousin's house because she made a reservation to our favorite sushi place so I had to shower (again) and change. Then, I had to drive all the way to my cousins place almost running over a poor golden retriever in the process :( The owner should have had a tighter grip on the leash. Thank god I stopped at the nic of time. The food was delicious but the bill..... eh... not gonna help pay for my Kate Spade tote. Then when we went back to the house my cousin painted my nails this ultra Barbie pink. I love it. It makes people trun around :D Nah. I haven't tried yet.Then we watched The Lovely Bones (my second time her third) and Monster In law. Anyway, I was looking threw my camera and found my favorite shopping trip. I took a picture of a couple bags:So some of the bags are: Juicy, DKNY (in the back of the Juicy), Michael Kors, Nine West and Arden B. Yeah I felt like giving each bag an indivisual color :D. So the wedding, my friend called me this morning and told me the wedding was amazing. I was totally clueless. I didn't know she was invited. She 'forgot' to tell me and thought I was going to be there. Their was all the sorts of caviar :( I love caviar. Especially on smoked salmon which they had too :( Good thing was that the sushi had caviar on it. I'm not doing anything today either :( Well, I'm just gonna drive to my parents house and tan by the pool. Some family friends I'm hoping are going to come. I'm looking at my pretty nails it kinda looks like this color here:

I don't even know what to wear today :( Don't worry I wore purple yesterday :) Well, I'm going to get something to eat because I'm starving so bye!

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