Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hi everyone! So my lazyness got the better of me and I didn't paint my nails. But rest assured I will tonight. I don't know if you know this, but I would like to be an author and I've sent my novel (almost finished) to four publishing companies and three rejections and one 'we're not a publishing company anymore' . I thought that one was pretty funny. I sort of left my wad of papers on the coffee table and went on to writing other things. I'm kind of thinking of picking it up again, when I get back from vacation and everything , anyway. Oh! I almost forgot I finished Spells! This is about Laurel Sewell who in the first book found out she was a faerie. In this faerie 'world' there are four types of faeries. 1. Winter (rarest thus, considered royalty) 2. Fall (rare mostly advisers to the Winter faeries) 3. Summer ( not really rare but I like them anyway because they have alot of sparkly and pink stuff :D They're the entertainers, actresses, jugglers ext.) and 4. Spring (most common faeries take up 80% of the population get stuck with being servants and stuff like that) Laurel is a fall faerie. I like the fact that Aprilynne didn't make her a Winter faerie because like most books they find out they're the rarest faerie, vampire, elf or whatever. So I liked that fact that the storyline isn't focused on how rare and special Laurel is, which leaves more room for love. So in this book Laurel must choose between her human boyfriend, David and her childhood Spring faerie friend Tamani. In the first book I always loved David but now, I don't know I feel bad for Tamani because he really loves her and you know, sort of lives for her. That made my heart ache. But my heart stopped as soon as Chelsea (Laurel's best human friend) gets kidnapped my Jeremiah Barnes (a troll who wants to know the location of the faerie realm, I guess you could call it.) I really loved this book! But the ending ticked me off. I think because I'm gonna have to wait for the next book to understand the ending. I'm telling you at the end I was screaming ' Do what!?' 'Ready for what?!' 'Why are you grinning?!' 'Why are cookies so good?!' Okay maybe not the last one. You get the picture. So I rate this book:So today I'm gonna bring Juicy to the doggie park again.I wonder if I'll see that guy again. 12 more days people!! I'll post lots of pictures. Song I'm listening to right now: Walk Away by Paula DeAnda. This song is relatable for me. I know it's been a year but I still think about it and how I was stupid to think we would have lasted not forever but for a really long time. So if your reading this, Screw you G! Ok I'm done :) That's a very weird fact but I felt like venting out what I had bottled up. Ok so bye! :P

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