Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi everyone ! So yesterday I bought a new Essie nail polish:
The colors name is California Coral. I didn't put it on yet but I will tonight. Isn't it pretty? Anyway today we will be having a special farewell to my old earmuffs:

Ok so maybe I'm being dramatic but when I get my new one's (the Burberry) I won't use these as much. God, I'm being sooo dramatic. Anyway, this weeks Weekend Color is:

Yellow! So I promise to wear yellow atleast once this weekend.So you can do this too. And on Monday I'll take a picture of what yellow thing I wore. So happy weekend everyone! Bye!


  1. I've recently become OBSESSED with the color yellow! Just bought a yellow dress, in fact. I'm Ashley, by the way. Love your layout!

  2. I know it's such pretty color! Thank you very very much!


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