Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cupcakegirl Loves Fall shopping!

Hi everyone! So I'm feeling very lazy and will be doing the Girls That Growl book review tomorrow. So this is going to be a random blog. I love random blogs! Okay, look at the pretty things I found for fall. I love fall shopping so I'm already looking, I matched the stuff with some of the stuff I already have:
Sorry it's a little small. Look at the boots! I am in love with the bag!The charm is adorable! Last night, V and I went out again, we are such nerds! We're already talking about Christmas Shopping. But sue me! I love Christmas Shopping. Mostly because, I end up buying something for myself :P Beside's that, I love walking around in my Uggs and warm coat and scarf, hot coacoa in my hand. Yourr probably thinking I'm a complete nerd but oh well! :P That's pretty much it! Bye!

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