Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hi everyone! I have more thank yous today! So I would like to thank, ImJustBeingMe, cupcake_queen and Sandra. Thank you very very much! You three put a big smile on my face!Okay, so Book Review, I really have been putting it off so here we go:
Jill Jekel. Tristen Hyde. Sound familiar? Jekel,Hyde. You must have read 'The Curious Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde' Well these two are the descendants of these two , very different people. Jill is great at chemistry. So is Tristen but he is pretty lazy. When Jill's father is mysteriously murdered, Tristen comes to Jill and tells her what he is. Jill then thinks of the mysterious box that her father forbade her from opening. Now Jill and Tristen must find a cure for him, no matter what it takes. But,are their own hearts at risk? To be honest, I liked the book but.... I do not understand the ending one bit. The Epilogue I sort of understood but the last page before it... I did not get it one bit. If anyone read this book and understood it, do you mind explaining it in the comments? I rate this book:

I have a little story for you guys today :) Writing about the noisy neighbours reminded me of when I was thirteen.... I lived in a nice quiet neighbourhood in the suburbs. Lots of gossip but, women gossip everywhere so it's no big deal. Our neighbours had three sons, an older one he had a girlfriend and moved into an apartment in the city and twins (18). They were pretty cute too but let's not get into that. One night, their parents went on vacation and they stayed home and... they had people over, they drank, they smoked (weed, not kidding but we'll get to that later) and they were very very loud. I was trying to sleep! The whiner that I am, trudged down the stairs and complained to my mother. My mother heard them and went out to tell them to keep it down. I went back up but they didn't stop. My front door neighbour then came out, he threatened to call the cops. Being drunk, they argued with him. My cousin, who lived on my street at the time, had gone for a walk earlier and saw them smoking weed ( she told me the next morning). My mother went to bed. It was one in the morning and we still couldn't sleep. My mother went downstairs and called the cops. In half hour they were their. I didn't really know what happened when the cops came because I had dozed off to sleep. Have any of you had noisy neighbours? One more thing before I get going, I was looking at Saks online (again) to find shoes for the wedding. I got distracted and found these:

They remind me of Christmas and girlyness at the same time! I don't like the hole at the toe, though. These are from Melissa. One more question, What's your favorite Saks shoe? Okay bye everyone!

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