Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hi everyone! Okay so, I had a couple of friends from high school coming over including V for some coffee and I picked up the cutest cupcakes while I was shopping!

I got two coconut,one chocolate , one vanilla and one mint! We all devoured them (one each) . Soo good. Soo let's get on with the book review.

"Rayne McDonald thought getting into the Blood Coven was the hard part. But now there's a new breed of trouble in town...and the former slayer and her vampire boyfriend may be the only ones who can stop it.

Now that she's an official vampire and full-fledged member of The Blood Coven, Rayne assumes her vampire slaying days are over. Sure, she doesn't have any vampire powers, thanks to a mutated blood virus, but she and Jareth can go out in the sun, which is a pretty good trade-off.

But just when Rayne's starting to enjoy her afterlife, she's contacted by Slayer Inc once again. It seems that a member of her high school's football team has disappeared—and the powers-that-be think the cheerleaders had something to do with it. Now Rayne has to infiltrate the squad before the cheerleaders have a chance to sink their teeth into someone else... " -Found on Blood Coven website ( I did not write this part)

I found Rayne was hilarious as always. Who would have thought Rayne would make a sort of decent cheerleader. My god at one point I laughed so hard my sides hurt. Jareth was as hot as ever (even if my heart belongs to Magnus) and the ending..ahh!!! People I cannot wait for January! I need that next book. I'll just say that so I won't spoil it for you. So I rate this book:

I've been reading really good books lately. I'm going to go change my phone again today. I have to be really careful with this one. I'll post pictures if I have time. Okay,bye!

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