Friday, August 20, 2010

Hi everyone!! So.... I did almost nothing yesterday! Okay well, I went to CVS to get allergy medicine, I hate pollen. I did get a N.Y.C lip gloss :P My camera is totally dead so I'm going to post the pictures tomorrow. So, today I'm going to stay home to do some yoga, get a facial , just relax. I'm gonna pull a Mackenzie (Toddlers in Tiaras) and call it a Diva Day. Now that I'm on the subject of Toddlers in Tiaras, I personally, think it`s ridiculous! Look at Mackenzie!
Look at that! I'm all for one spoiling their child with pink stuff and pretty things but this.... this is child exploitation.They spend over ten thousand dollars on dresses and then if they do win the prize it's five thousand. That's alot shoes people! I could go on a Saks spree with that. Okay, weekend colors!

Gold! So I promise to wear this color atleast once this weekend, even if it is only shoes. Alright, Bye!!!! xoxoxo

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