Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Thank You's,Anthropologie and a night to remember.

Hi everyone! Do you mind if I do the book review tomorrow? Okay, I would like to thank my new followers!: Heidi, Anjana, Fernanda and Summer! You guys are awesome! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Oh and thank you all for the dress choice! So the dress score is: DKNY:2 (Anjana and my cousin) Candela:2 (July and me) Oh and thank you Heidi! I looked at the
Anthropologie dresses and loved them to bits! I'll show you some of my favorites:

And these are only a few of the beautiful dresses they have. They even have bags and and beautiful blouses! So here's the link: Once again, thank you so much Heidi I loved this brand! Let me know which one you like best. Oh my god! I forgot to tell you! I had a terrible evening! You may know, that I have a couple in my apartment building and they argue! So they argued from nine to ten! An hour of them yelling. Then, you know the evil children that played ding dong ditch at my door? They came out and started yelling as if they saw a Alice+Olivia jacket at 75% off. (I mean that's the only reason I would yell like that). So that lasted a good fourty five minutes. It would have been more but I came out like a PTA mother complaining about their child's math class, in other words, I came out like a barbarian. I was in my Calvin Klein pajama's and a facial. I was attempting to watch Sex and the City (thanks to Summer who gave me the idea to watch it). One looked at the facial like I was an alien. They stopped,thank god! Do you have noisy neighbours? Let me know! Bye!


  1. Ugh, noisy neighbors are the worst!

  2. briannelee: I know and if they do it tonight... I'm moving.

    Simply Life: Aren't they? I should get one just for fun :P

  3. LOL ur welcome:) and Anthropologie is my fav store!! :) so cute!

  4. Your blog is sooooo pretty !! cute and girly , !!! very nice !

  5. Anjana: :) To be honest I've heard of the store but I have never really checked it out until now :)

    Sandy: Thank you very very much! I love your blog too!!


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