Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ode,to a chunky doggie

Hi everyone! Yesterday I went out for coffee with V and her doggie Gucci! I had been with dogs all day, yesterday. I went over to my cousin's house and while she cooked, I fed Juicy, by hand! Yeah, she loves it when I hand feed her. I then pampered her, massage, belly rub, the works. I gave her a new toy and brought her to the balcony to sun bathe (seriously, she loves the sun) My cousin lent me The Lovely Bones which I will be reading soon, I read the first two pages aloud for Juicy :P Here's a picture of the little fattie when she was a puppie.

. Isn't she just precious?! That was back when she would fall asleep on your lap, instantly.. Now, not quite. Oh that reminds me! V got me a charm for my Juicy charm bracelet! (I got her a pair of Juicy earrings)
Here it is on the bracelet.Alright, Bye!


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