Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rudeness and Fashion Spotlight at last

Hi everyone! I'm not one for rudeness so yesterday when I had random kids knocking on my door and running, I was far from thrilled. So when I finally caught them they had the nerve to tell me that I wasn't their mother! You can imagine my face at that point. They come knocking on my door and run away, I tell them to stop and they tell me that I'm not their mother! I don't know how they got in to my apartment building, probably just moved or something. If I get that again tonight I am going to go see their mother, whether I'm wearing sweats or a cocktail dress :P Alright so Fashion Spotlight, before I talk to much : Look how cute this Lilly Pulitzer pencil case is! By the way, the rating is going to be above from now on. I am so getting one of these!

Look at this beautiful Prada dress! My goodness I love it! It would look so pretty with the BCBG shoes I bought in Cape Cod! If only.....

N0w I love this purse! Oh and it also reminds me of a dumpling (I dunno :P) But... I don't know when I would wear it. Any suggestions? Leave a comment below if you have any ideas (anyone can comment even people who don't have blogs.)
Miu Miu has always been my favorite shoes for heels. I love things that are different! These shoes are soo different. I love them!! Yes another five out of five :P
Well that's it for today! Alright bye guys!!

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