Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation Haul

Hi everyone! I missed Fashion Spotlight again, and I'm very sorry but I've been really busy but I'm back from vacation so we're back to daily blogging. I got to talk to my friend yesterday! She was on vacation for three weeks and then add the six days I was gone, I missed her soo much! Oh! B-day shout out to Ina (You know who you are) :P I know it's late but still, go drink some unfufilling water :) (Inside thing). Okay this is going to be my first haul! I'm loving all the things I got already: From Nine West
From Calvin Klein
From Uggs (Best slippers I ever bought )
From Juicy Couture (Pardon the blurriness)
From Saks by: Romeo and Juliet
I had bought a pair of DKNY jeans but their in the wash sorry :P So, I finished Boys That Bite and Vampire Diaries: Shadow Souls, So tomorrow we shall be doing two book reviews :) Oh! That reminds me, before leaving (we had planned to leave at 11:00 am) I ran to Barnes and Noble to get a book for the road. I got Stake That by Mari Mancusi and am devouring it as we speak and I will be needing more books soon. Probably gonna go shopping with V this weekend. Which reminds me tomorrow after the blog post I have to watch the Pretty Little Liars finale!! I did not tape it so I must watch it online. Okay I know we moved on from this topic but I was looking at when the next Vampire Diaries book is coming out (2011) and I found out it's going to be the last one :( It better be as long as The Witching Hour (Anne Rice) I'm going to be sooo sad when I finish reading that one. Okay Well I'm gonna go now bye!!

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