Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekend Colors (Late) Book Review

Hi everyone! I thought yesterday was Thursday! I am totally disoriented. So yeah this weeks Weekend Colors are:

Peach pink! So I promise to wear this color this weekend. Okay Vampire Diaries Book review. *Please don't read this review if you haven't read all of Vampire Diaries books*

So now Elena has to find the kitsune key to free Stefan. Only problem is, Misao's clues are far from easy to decipher, to human from this dimension anyway. Now Elena must enter The Dark Dimension with Damon, Bonnie and Merideth, were vampires roam freely and humans are slaves. I guess you can already tell what Elena's going to have to be in this situation. Believe me she's far from thrilled. I love this book! I devoured it. It's gonna be so sad that the next book is also going to be the last. :( I rate it:

So, today I'm probably going shopping with V and tonight I'm going to Barnes and Noble to get more books. Alright I'm going to go now bye!!

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