Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weekend Colors,Book Review, Jimmy Choo and farewells

Hi everyone! So yesterday I came across the blog Jimmy Choos and Tennis shoes. There's a Jimmy Choo giveaway! So after this blog post I'm going to enter and because no girl should miss this here's the link: So tomorrow, I'm leaving! It takes six hours to get to the port :( and I'm going to have to stop a good four times to pee. So I'm gonna pack today, get a mani pedi, charge my phone and camera, fully charge the battery of my laptop (even if I'm bringing the charger) , call my family in Italy (I do every week or so) and do all kinds of other things. So this weekend color is:
Green! Any shade of green. So I promise to wear green this weekend!Okay, Book review:

So this book was basically, description of characters and little background stories. Then their was the first two chapters of Misguided Angel and a little preview for the wolf side of the Blue Bloods (Read the Van Allen Legacy and you'll see) so I rate this book a:

So tomorrow I might not blog because I will be driving for most of the day. So goodbye for now!

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