Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hi everyone! Gawsh I've been gone for a while! I miss you guys! I've been really busy with school but I will never ever abandon you guys! Okay here is something that I'm not very happy about: Heels with socks :(  Ladies! I'm not liking it. At all. Now I think that people are going to start doing peep toes with socks! I think (don't quote me) that Jimmy Choo started it! If it indeed is you Jimmy, how could you?! Look at this:

It just doesn't look right. This is from Burberry by the way ;)  So, there is my sort of rant :P Okay, moving on! Juicy Charms new ones! Want! Take a little looksie:

Look how pretty!!!! I want it! I feel like a little girl :P Okay so what else? Well ummm.... that's it! I wish it could be more but there's not much else except: Byee!!


Thank you soo much for stopping by! xoxoxo -Cupcakegirl