Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hi everyone! I did nothing yesterday night! I'm going to tell you what my nerdy evening consisted of:

I Stop for Nicole
Okay so, to sum it up in a sentence: I watched The Women while filing removing old nail polish and putting on a fresh coat and while flipping threw Vogue, after my nails dried I continued to watch the movie and read Devil Wears Prada and went to bed after the movie. Can you say nerd? :P Okay I finally decided on getting the purse but then I found another purse that also stole my heart Tory Burch has a habit of doing that to me.
I love this one too! So because I'm a kid in a candy store and can't seem to decide I'm letting you guys decide because I'm terrible with decisions so, girls and possibly guys, help me decide! Comment and let me know! Please Bye!

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