Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hi everyone! I'm in a peppy mood! But, my little shopping trip is cancelled :( Oh well, here comes some Saks Surfing Boot and Satchel Edition.

Jimmy Choo.........Dior................Valentino..........Marc Jacobs........

I love these!! Something else that I've come to find is Rag&Bone I've heard of it but, I've never quite checked it out until now. I think this is very pretty take a looksie:

I love this little flannel dress thing! That and I want this models skin tone :P Okay so here's another late Weekend Colors:

Violet! Such a soothing color! So, I promise to wear this color at least once this weekend. Okay so here is a lovely little Valy (Valentino) bag with an even lovelier name.

Isn't it so prettifuls? I love love love the name! Aphrodite Bow Satchel! Isn't that the most bubbly name ever? Now that we are speaking of satchels, here's one that I am seriously considering, why? Because I have a soft spot for Marc Jacobs and I am adoring feel of it!

It comes in three different colors but this is my favorite! The inside is adorable and it costs 478$ So girls, I really really really need your opinion! For my Winter Splurge what do I get? That satchel OR the Tory Burch Reva flats:

Please, please, please help me!!! Alright guys, leave a comment and let me know Bye!


  1. Hey i love your blog, could you follow mine please:)
    Oh and i looove that bag :) xx

  2. if i were super rich, i'd buy all the shoes haha :)

  3. Mhmmm I feel your pain Steffi I want the shoes too :) Thanks Ellie!

  4. OK - you DO realize that you HAVE to get the Revas?! hahah there are the most amazing ballerinas EVER and even though I STILL have not worked up the courage to spend $195 on a pair of shoes...I swore to myself I would get them this fall! did you know I had my eyes on this MJ Satchel too?! haha :)

  5. Because we think alike :P It's a really hard descision! We'll see in January :)


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