Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hi everyone! Phew! It's been a while!So this is going to be a nice and long blog. So what's new? Mhmm.. I'm still working on O.W.D (Operation Wedding Dress). Oh!! I watched one of Blair's Juicy Jabbers! It was part of her monkey collection! Sooo cute!! Oh! I bought boots!! (Picture after book review) Okay!! So I finished two books but I'll do one today and one tomorrow after Weekend Colors.

The Lovely Bones features Susie Salmon as the narrator. Susie Salmon was murdered at 14 years old on December 6 1973 by Mr. Harvey. This book follows the life of her grieving family. It also shows how her father and sister, Lindsey try to find Susie's murderer. I absolutely loved this book! My favorite parts where mostly following Lindsey around :P I honestly felt like I was stalking the characters (that's how into it I got).Although I felt like Susie changed subject a little too quickly, the book was really enjoyable and would read it again any day.
Alrighty! On with the boots! I decided to take a quick trip to Nine West (on a day were I had no classes) and sure enough I found these beauties:

Sorry for the blurriness! I'll take a picture of them when I'm wearing them (they look much better on). So the book review tomorrow is going to be of The Poison Diaries. Currently I'm reading Confessions of a Shopaholic. I know, you must be thinking, where have you been? Well I bought it a while ago but I sort of forgot that I had it :P Okay and one more thing before I take off, I am ADORING these neutral colored shoes and bags (found Saks surfing) so here are a couple:

Miu Miu Marc Jacobs Dior ChloƩ

So.. do you think I should do more of these little Saks Surfing things? Let me know (I think it's cute) Well, let me know.. Bye!!


  1. The Lovely Bones is seriously one of my favorite books. Haven't seen the movie yet, but would like to!

  2. It's a really good movie, skipped a couple of parts but all in all it was pretty good!


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