Monday, September 13, 2010

Hi everyone! So, I found the cutest things while I was away! I saw these on a commercial and thought.... my problems are solved!

These things are sooo useful! I cannot tell you how useful these would have been the other night. V and I went to dinner and I wore my heels, (I love you BCBG but you kill my feet) so these would have really helped and look! It comes with a wristlet I am so picking these up tomorrow. So, thank you Dr. Scholls! Okay next is what I think is the most creative and adorable! Switch Flops by Lindsay Phillips. So basiclly it's a flip flop and the top can be switched. I love that!

I love this idea. Where have I been? I want a pair! Who's heard of these? Let me know! Alright bye lovelies!

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