Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hi girls! It's been a while, let's just say classes are hectic! Right now I'm blasting Taylor Swift's Our Song. That was the first song I ever heard from her and now after a really long time I'm blasting it :P Just replayed it by the way :P Okay, so I finished Devil Wears Prada. Okay, so it wasn't a bad book but- well let's go with the review and I'll explain.

Andrea Sachs just got the job that millions of girls (and possibly guys) would kill for. She gets to be Miranda Priestly's assistant. But, Miranda's a bit of a well, me when I'm getting ready for the you know what (you know what I'm talking about right girls?). The thing is Andrea knows nothing about fashion (how could you not know Louboutin!?) the only reason she's doing this job is because after a year of working for Miranda you could get a job anywhere! And Andrea wants to work for The New Yorker. Umm... why not Vogue or a big publishing company (that's just me :P) ? I'm not judging the book because of this it's just.... I was expecting a little more.. so I give this book:

Okay on Friday I have a little surprise! Okay well not really surprise but I really love what I'm going to show you! Know's a good time to check out check out the top and you'll see what I mean :)

Is this not the cutest sweater ever? Ella Moss really knows how to work with the oatmeal :P Well ladies, that's pretty much it.. bye!

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