Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where have you been Missy?

Hi everyone! Just a quick blog because to go shower and meet my cousin so we can pick up my other cousins so we can go out. So yesterday I missed Fashion Spotlight two reasons: College and Italian Cousins came down for three weeks! They brought prezzies! Pictures tomorrow! I would like to thank my new follower Hayley! That makes twenty one! Oh and I'm sorry that you couldn't get your Tory Burch flats July! :( I would have been sad too. Alright there isn't much else so I will show you all the shoes July was dying for and that I too am dying for:

Eventually, we'll both be wearing these beauties July don't worry :P I love the leopard, you know me flashy flashy flashy but the brown are cute too and the navy and the assai red and the one next to the red (the pinkish one) the green is so cute! Can't I just have them all? So there's another obsession that has grown. What's your favorite color? Alright, gotta run, book review coming up bye!


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