Saturday, October 30, 2010

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Hi everyone!! As promised I'm going to make this a book blog so let's get this book blog started with a book review for The Other Countess!

Ellie is Lady Eleanor Countess of San Jaime. This title means nothing outside of Spain, if only she were there now.. Ellie is in England with her alchemist father on his constant quest to create gold. He's used up most of the Lacey family fortune doing so and so with the death of the earl his eldest,Will to handle the families financial problems. Will now hates Ellie's father and for whatever reason her. He needs a wife with a descent dowry to save the family but what if his heart is elsewhere? Dun dun dun :P I really enjoyed this book, I think it was really romantic, he gave everything for- Oops I shouldn't give that much away but it really is a romantic book and I want James to marry me :P He'd get me the ring I want am I right? To check out more on Eve Edwards and her books click here.

So as you may know because of the What I'm Reading Now button on my blog that I'm reading Thirst No. 1, every time I get a book I look it up first and read the reviews on Barnes and Noble and add it to my list which I keep on my phone but to tell you the truth I got this book by random, the back looked good so along with Gone, that has been on my list on and off so I decided to get, I went to the cash and payed for these two. The second I read the first page of Thirst I had to sink my teeth in for more! I feel like I'm reviewing it but I'm not done the book yet so we don't know what my final verdict shall be ;)

I have to admit, that I have not been completely honest with you and for that I apologize, I've been reading another book aswell (I finished it this morning :P) I read The Hunger Games! I kept it from you guys because I wasn't so sure I would like it (I don't really read two books at the same time but if I'm not really sure that I like one I will take on another one). I'm going to do a review on it Monday (no classes :D) I just bought the book because V said it was good it didn't really look good I mean it doesn't look like something I would read.
So there will be a review on this on Monday! Now I was looking threw a box after finishing The Hunger Games (reason why I'm late :P) and I found a picture of me doing ballet! I'm sure my mom has my old shoes and tutu if she finds them I'll take a picture. I used to think that I was going to be this ballerina and I wasn't that bad.
Did any of you have the ballerina dream when you were little? I was also a cheerleader but that's another story...

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