Friday, October 8, 2010

Hi everyone! I really have been M.I.A (Missing in Armani :P) Okay so I've really been in love with the book I've been reading and I actually finished it, in tears. Why? Because I didn't want to finish it!

"India, 1839: Linny Ingram, the respectable young wife of a British colonial officer, settles down to write her life story. In the claustrophobic, mannered world of British India, Linny seems the perfect society wife: pretty, gracious, subservient. But appearances can be deceptive. Linny Ingram was born Linny Gow, an orphan raised in the cold, gray slums of Liverpool. Sold into prostitution by her stepfather when she was only eleven, Linny is a born survivor and an accomplished chameleon and manipulator. Through a stroke of luck and considerable scheming, she manages to re-create herself as a proper Victorian young lady, middle-class and seemingly respectable. By befriending a merchant’s daughter, Linny secures a place with her new companion on a ship bound for India, where they will join “the fishing fleet”—young women of good birth but no fortune who sail to India in search of a husband." (I did not write this I found it on ) This book was... riveting! Enthralling, fascinating! So many words to describe it! I turned the last page with tears in my eyes. All that she's been threw I think the ending was... peaceful for Linny... The ending is basically Linny telling us 'This is it.. all my suffering is over and I'm at peace.' I rate this book:

Okay weekend colors! I think I used this color already but I want to use it again, I hope that's okay.

1. Marc Jacobs 2. Burberry 3. Michael Kors 4.Miu Miu

Brown! Okay so I promise to wear brown atleast once this weekend! How about a little Saks Surfing before I get going?


  1. this is gorgeous and the linnet bird is beautifully written, left me turning page after page. Its the type of book were youll say youll read two chapters and end up reading seven, I turned the last page with deap regret...
    V. xoxoxo love you!

  2. I love the combination! Brown is the in-color this year! Especially that brownie! it has me licking my lips, and craving for brown! keep it up sweetie!

    Love always, V. xoxoxo


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