Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hi everyone! I'm blasting Our Song yet again :P You guys are going to think I'm such a put things off-er but I wore the 'thing' yesterday and don't I go spill something on it? In my defense, Juicy was going crazy and I knocked over my glass while getting up to chase her. She had my Coach wallet in her mouth and began running around the apartment with it! How she got into my purse, I'll never know. So, it's in the wash. Pray the stain comes out! The when my cousin comes to pick her up she's a perfect angel! Little adorable devil :P
Women's Stella McCartney Belted Flat Boot
Look what I found at Neimans'! Stella you really outdid yourself! Tell me you love these! Must haves if you have 595$ This is what I tell myself every time I see these 'One day..'  Let's hope haha. Okay, so I don't think I've ever really spoken of Coach! Well have you seen the new Madison collection? Here's my favorite Mad bag :)

This is what I would call a dumpling bag, don't ask :P Well, the washing machine just beeped so I'm going to check if that stain's off and put it in the dryer byee!!


  1. I love the new Madison, too!! I really really would like one in black for this winter!

  2. Same here! God I really want alot this year :P

  3. Wow this is gorgeous and you have the touch that people will be killing for! Its perfect in every way and every time I look at your blog, you have me drroling every single time! what can i say, Good taste is hard to find! I love it and keep it up! and yes boys hurry with that proposal because i wnat my ROCK! And yes, i feel you July! I want alot of things this winter but only have to wait a couple of more years when i get my degree and can be able to go on a 24/7 shopping spree!Like in the middle of the night i would wake up thinking, "omg, im craving for an Hermes bag! And id go into the store and buy it! chaching! lol baby steps and well get there! I love it and continue with all these wonderful and unique creations! love always, V. xoxoxo.

  4. Thanks V sweetie! Agreed we'll all get what we want soon enough.


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