Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hi everyone! Just a shout out to Tack! Okay so next order of business Mulberry for Target. July ( mentioned it on one of her blog posts. And I think it's my turn to talk about it. Let's bask in the glory of a Mulberry orginal shall we ladies?

Is this not the most angelic bag ever!? This is not what your gonna get from the Mulberry for Target :( This is what your gonna get *Warning*  This is not a pretty sight:

Umm...Not very pretty :( Disappointing tomorrow I'm going to be showing some cute little organizational stuff!Oh and on Saturday I will be doing what I wore for the wedding! Until then Saks Surfing!
1.Jimmy Choo 2.Fendi 3.Tory Burch 4.DKNY


  1. Thank you for the shout out Miss Cupcake! And thank you for your sweet comment on my last post!


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