Friday, October 1, 2010

Hi everyone! No classes today!! Lazy bum that I am, I'm going to show you the little 'surprise' tomorrow right now I'm going to quickly do weekend colors and the show you something that I love! And then a little bit of Saks Surfing!

Jade! So, this weekend's Weekend Colors is Jade. I'm going to start making a collage of all things of the color of the weekend :P It's way funner :) So I promise to wear something this color at least once this weekend. Now I love watching series! And I use to love to watch Haute and Bothered (Season One and Two) online you guys should really watch it here's the link to Haute and Bothered ( Because the seasons are over I've been looking for another online show and I found Hollywood's Like High school With Money. I found out it's a book 

I'm defintely picking this up! ( there's the link to the webshow.

1. Michael Kors 2.Versace 3.Gucci 4. Miu Miu


  1. i am in love with this color!looking for a statement bag that has this beautiful shade!

    cute blog btw :) and thanks for passing by!! :)

  2. Love that nail colour!
    SO different and cool :)
    visit me:

  3. The color is heavan! Thanks :) And no problem your blog was awesome :)

    I really should pick up this nail color today! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. I love this green!! Lovely blog!! :)

    P.S Thanks for visiting mine sweets.


  5. No problem at all your blog was lovely! :)


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