Friday, October 29, 2010

Hi everyone! Oh my goodness it's been soo long! I'm really sorry,when I was in seventh grade I thought was the hardest (school wise) but I'm just looking back on it and I'm thinking 'Umm..this is way harder!' Anyway lookie what I found when I was surfing Kate Spade! foiled again small flat pouch
Pretty right! This isn't the picture that I saw on the site it was the only thing I found that I could show you guys but if you wanna see the one I saw click here I really want one of these! I really have to take a trip to the Kate Spade outlet and look for one of these. I really feel bad for not being on since like Sunday :( I will be doing weekend colors now then some stuff I love at Tiffany and tomorrow I would like to do the book review for The Other Countess tomorrow, tomorrow's gonna be a book blog but maybe I'll add some shoes because who doesn't love shoes?
Grey! So, I promise to wear grey atleast once this week! On Sunday I think I'll do something that I've been willing to try (we'll see but I think I will) Now time for a little Tiffany drooling!

I mean this is so pretty! One day girls one day... Okay guys I'll see you tomorrow morning! Byee!

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