Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jimmy Choo Uggs?

Hi everyone! Happy Halloween! I might go out tonight so sorry kids in my building who might wanna knock on my door :( V and I are going to go out and have some fun >:) If I know her she's going to buy us both wigs and drive us back to our old neighbourhood so we can get some candy :P We did that when we were sixteen so we might relive the moment. Oh! I totally forgot! I was supposed to do this days ago! Happy very late birthday Adamo! Eva asked me to say this but it totally slipped my mind so there you go! If any of you are wondering I have twin cousins (Ava and Eva) it was Eva's boyfriend's birthday so she asked me to give him a shout out even if he isn't reading this because he's a workaholic (Eva's words not mine). Anyway, you know that thing that I was supposed to do today? I'm doing it tomorrow :P  You guys must think I'm a real procrastinator. Have you guys heard of the Jimmy Choo with Uggs? Am I the last to hear of this? I mean I saw them at Saks but I didn't know Uggs was doing them! Take a look:

This pair's cute do you think they have them at the Ugg outlet?

If I were more daring I would snatch these! The first is my favorite how about you?


  1. Now you decide to shout out :P Atleast you did it oh and I like the first one even if I have both :P Oh by the way are you coming for our birthday in November? Or you could just come for the weekend, it's been really long! Call me xxoo Eva Furla

  2. I was busy! :P Of course you have both Eva you have enough clothes and shoes to make a Saks warehouse don't get me started on your jewelry and bags! Maybe I'll come for the weekend I'll let you know! Question is what do you get two girls who have everything? Love you and Ava :)

  3. I heard of Jimmy Choo collaborating with Ugg ages ago but I saw the designs only a few weeks ago :) I'm pretty surprised by the way they turned out! Those look amazing!!

  4. I'm in love with them! They really are adorable! Thanks for the comment :)


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