Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tiffany Edition oh and then some Saks Surfing

Hi everyone! It's been a while but I've been quite busy and finally it's the weekend! Time for a late weekend colors!

So I have a really pretty colored top this color and I have not wore it for what seems like forever so I figured why not use The Tiffany Color? I know this isn't the exact Tiffany color but you know close enough :P  Now ladies and possibly gentlemen feast your eyes on this:

It's the most gorgeous yet simple engagement ring ever! And soon it will be mine. No I'm not getting married just yet but a girl can dream! Ive always had a thing for Tiffany Engagement rings and I think this is my favorite one! I mean who doesn't love a ring with a big gazonca diamond on it? Oh and listen to the Tiffany description for this one:
'Since its creation over a century ago, the Tiffany Setting has been the world’s favorite engagement ring. The ring of rings, as it has been called, is the most brilliant ring ever. It is also the most beautiful.'  (Found on Tiffany &Co This is what I would like to call The Ring. This ring was meant for me! Hurry up guys! I want a proposal LOL ! I am gonna have to wait a while but I'm hoping it'll be worth it. Okay next order of buisness that isn't on Tiffany is Saks Surfing! Oh and if your wondering why I chose #2 in the Saks Surfing it's because it  reminds me of ginger bread and Christmas! :D

1. Chloé 2. Miu Miu 3. Versace 4.Christian Louboutin

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