Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hi everyone! I have a case of the sniffles :( My remedy? A chai tea from Starbucks, a pair of sweat pants and I don't usually wear sweats, some chicken noodle soup (I'm getting better at making soup! Thank goodness) and Gone by Michael Grant. I had  the weirdest dream! It was just like Gone but I was still in the FAYZ for whatever reason and I was comforting a thirteen year old girl named Victoria and then there was a note in the sky spelt out in fire saying 'Don't worry Victoria your going to die soon...' Seriously creepy, I woke up in the fetal position! Then there was something about the Bitty Buttons (Lalaloopsy) dolls (don't ask I saw the commercial at my aunts house).

The Other Mother is coming to get us! Kidding :P I might have to get one of these for Eva (not the one from Cali my little cousin who just turned one). I feel like I haven't done some Saks Surfing in a while so here we go!

1.Prada 2.Gucci 3.Yves Saint Laurent 4.Jimmy choo

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