Friday, November 19, 2010

Hi everyone! A lot of people are doing posts on The Prince's marriage and I figured so should I! But wait! I'm watching Ophra's favorite things!! Reva flats :( I want them soo bad!! I am literally screaming! I want to be there soo bad right now! Okay onto the royal marriage:

Theirs Diana and her beautiful ring!

And here's Kate with The Prince, she's so pretty and yet so simple. I wonder what her dress is going to look like! May I suggest:

Pretty right? Now time for weekend colors~!
Red! So, I promise to wear red atleast once this weekend! Ophrah just gave the audience 9 casmere sweaters from Ralph Lauren! Well, I have to go going to pause the TV and go by some cough drops, I'll need them for all the screaming I'm going to be doing watching Ophrah! Bye!

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