Friday, November 5, 2010

A very pink X-Mas! Oh and Santa if you do exist I want this! :P

Hi everyone! I had such a stressful couple of days! Okay so remember on Monday when I said that I would do a blog later on in the day? I was supposed to but... Let's start with after I posted the blog, I finished blogging and called V telling her I would meet her at Starbucks. I got dressed and got a call from my cousin, her asking if I could watch Juicy for a little while, while she went to look for tiles for her bathroom. I said yes and told V to bring Gucci to Starbucks too. My cousin dropped off  the fats and we headed off to Starbucks, with my Uggs and Juicy in her little plaid jacket. After my little Starbucks run I decided to maybe do some window shopping. I couldn't. Wanna know why? I got a call from my alarm company telling me I had a break in. Yes ladies and possibly gentlemen I was robbed. I took Juicy in my arms and ran to my apartment. Yes, I the girl who failed the endurance run in high school ran all the way back home to see what they took. All they took (from what I can see so far) is the money I had on the counter. I didn't check my jewelry case yet because I'm scared my cameo brooch won't be there (I know I'm dramatic). That's why I wasn't on the rest of the day, I was searching my house, feeding Juicy, calling V,my cousin, Ava who told Eva who prayed all my bags were there and they are it's the first thing I looked at, my parents who freaked pretty much everyone I've had contact with during the last view days I blurted it :P.  Sigh.. I'm gonna have to (metaphorically speaking) rip of the Band-Aid and see if all my jewelry is there. Okay let's stop with the negative Weekend colors!
Pink! So I promise to wear this color at least one time this weekend (no problem I love the color as you can tell). Now one more thing! Christmas is coming up! So now we shall begin with Cupcake's Christmas Wishlist! Here's number one:

Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb celebrates it's fifth birthday with this beautiful bottle! I never had the perfume but now... 1.I love the bottle and 2. Who doesn't want a perfume named Flowerbomb?

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