Friday, December 24, 2010

Hi everyone! This is going to be really quick because I have to go drop off some fruit baskets and some friend's houses and then do some last minute wrapping and then I have to do my nails, shower and find something to wear.

I totally forgot I have to do the book review for Lies! I'll do it after Christmas. I'm so happy this morning! I'm going to buy candy canes for my little cousins later, I'm seriously bouncing off the walls! I have The Yuletide Fireplace on my TV

Everybody thinks I'm crazy for listening to these Christmas Carols so much but I always loved this time of year! Well I have to get ready, I have to drive a good fourty five minutes to get to my friend's houses so I should gte ready.

I wish you all a happy holidays and I'll see you all the 26th!

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