Thursday, December 23, 2010

A wonderland of scents

Hi everyone! I am the worst blogger ever. So, lately I'm in really into scents and lip glosses and all of that sort of stuff. So me and V did our gift exchange yesterday! I gave her  the Peacock charm from Juicy and she gave me:

I adore this smell! It has 'Moonstone Rose, White Peach, White Cranberry Juices, Magenta Nectar, Black Currant, Orange Jasmine, Persian Lime Juice, Velvet Violet, Amber, Indian Sandalwood.' I am so happy that I have this perfume (I've been looking for one).

I'm also having a very bad case of dry lips so I've been using a lot of Blistex and my Philosophy Pink Frosting cookie. The Blistex really has a minty feel and well the Pink Frosting Cookie's just smells amazing!

I am in love with Bath and Body works! I bought five Anti-Bacterial Pocket Bacs, they smell amazing and because I'm a germ freak I apply a lot. Aren't they adorable?
Winter Candy Apple Pocketbac™ Deep Cleansing Hand Gel - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body Works
This is the one I'm currently using, I keep it in my bag for school even if its on my kitchen counter right now :P
Sea Island Cotton™ PocketBac™ Deep Cleansing Hand Gel - Anti-Bacterial - Bath & Body Works
I have this one in my purse. I also bought three Cupcake PocketBacs. Then I picked up Secret Wonderland, willing to try it out and I love it!

Secret Wonderland Shower Gel - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works

If you know V, you know that she loves to give and so she also gave me:
Gel douche – Pamplemousse-goyave
I am in love with this scent (as I am with every scent I've just mentioned) I haven't tried this yet (I'm enthralled with Secret Wonderland at the moment).

Phew! This blog has really been long. Because it's the holidays I'm going to have more time to blog yay! Well, I'm going to pick up a Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks and maybe do some shopping >:)

P.S Do you like the Holiday Signature?

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